Technical inspection

At Geoclass, we perform professional inspections of photovoltaic farms and technical inspections of turbine blades and casings. We act in the way that does not interfere with their work, and for our tasks we use, among others, modern drones with RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) modules that provide high-resolution photos and measurements with an accuracy of less than 1 cm!

Technical inspections of turbine blades and casings

Our inspections of wind turbines (both blades and casings) allow us to quickly and accurately assess the condition of individual elements.

Thanks to this, we can effectively verify, among others: connections between parts, abrasion of the paint and anti-corrosion coating, find possible cracks, as well as delamination or dirt caused by external factors, which, if detected early, will not lead to troublesome failure or further damage.

What is more, thanks to the inspection, we can verify the level of erosion at the blade edges and we can check whether any elements are missing in the turbine.

Technical inspections of solar farms

At Geoclass, we also carry out professional and comprehensive inspections of photovoltaic farms in terms of efficiency, operational efficiency and possible installation defects.

Our modern control methods will fully check each farm: from locating cracks in the panels, through problems with connecting the modules to the system, to finding contaminants (e.g. dust, dirt, needles and leaves) and shaded places that reduce the production capacity of the panels.

This is very important because shaded cells do not generate electricity and can lead to the formation of the, so-called, hot-spots. Hot-spots are areas that heat up dangerously, and their unnatural rise in temperature may lead to a reduction in the efficiency of the panels, and even to ignition. We can also find them at Geoclass.

How we work?

During our work, we only use the most modern equipment. That is why we can guarantee our clients fast and precise operation and we can approach each cooperation individually.

  • We use nowoczesnych dronów z modułami RTK z wysokiej rozdzielczości kamerą RGB i kamerą termowizyjną
  • Thanks to the ability to use modern methods, we operate with great precision
  • We individually adjust inspection tools for each type of task
  • We operate in real time - we enable "live" preview of the inspection to see the individual elements of the turbine
  • We provide our clients with safety and non-invasive inspection
  • We minimize the time of the visit, without the need to stop the farm's work

What benefits do we provide to our clients?

Our inspections of wind turbines and photovoltaic farms will primarily increase safety and improve work efficiency. Thanks to the early detection of irregularities, we enable faster organization of service activities and prevent possible losses.

What is more, during the inspection, we take high-resolution photos, from which we create an accurate 3D model and photo documentationand we save the created material for the future. The low cost of these activities and the speed of realization (even 30 minutes) make our visit for the client almost imperceptible!

GeoClass technical inspections are:

  • Low cost and time saving
  • Professional approach and modern tools
  • Safety and failure prevention
  • Clear photo documentation


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